Dell Alps Touchpad Driver for Windows 8

I just downloaded the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation today. My test machine was a Dell Latitude D630. After installation, all the drivers were installed. The only problem was the touchpad driver. It used a generic mouse driver, and scrolling was not supported. There is currently no Alps touchpad driver for Windows 8. I tried the driver for Windows 7, and it worked perfectly. Here is the driver I used.

Dell Alps Touch Pad Driver

After the driver is installed, go to the control panel to change mouse settings. You can change the touchpad settings there.


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  1. dude, windows 8 supports a lot more multi-finger gestures and stuff which is not available with this generic driver.

    I have been looking for a driver for the same thing but havn’t found one yet. lets see… looking at how popular it is.. hopefully Microsoft will add some support for alps touchpad too..

  2. Great info to post. Wish I found this easily online. Instead I spent time scouring my files and researching what originally came installed on my Dell XPS M1530 when I got it new. Thankfully I figured it out and now have my nice and easy scrolling feature back.

    I do not like the new Synaptics Scrybe program for Windows 8. All those gestures that end up taking more time than just pointing and clicking with a mouse or regular touchpad. Plus I have never liked the two finger scrolling feature on my HP Mini 210-1070NR. The only feature that is nice on the Mini’s touchpad is the pinch to zoom in/out. But when you have a notebook with a larger screen, I have found that zooming in or out really isn’t an issue. It’s only on my netbook that the feature is needed, as some of the websites I visit load in a small size that is hard to see without zooming in.

    Now my remaining issue with the upgrade to Windows 8 is getting it to recognize the old device drivers for the biometric scanner and the fingerprint reader suite.

  3. Dell XPS M1530 upgrade from vista to windows 8. Lost a few drivers during upgrade process including touchpad, spent quite a few days looking for a solution on the net until i came across this page, cannot thank you enough problem solved.

  4. Thanks, worked like a charm, quite happy I went from xp to 8 on my D630. $40 offer was too good not to pass up. Threw a bigger HD in so I could keep my old one with xp just in case. Now need to decide whether to go from 2G to 4G mem. Of course I have 2 1G cards so need to buy to 2 2G ones. Surprising how much more they cost than the current generation of memory.

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