How to Make a Windows 7 Search Connector for Your Site

A new feature of Windows 7 lets you search remote sites directly from Windows Explorer. To use it, just download the search connector files (*.osdx) to your computer. Double click on the search connector file to install it. Once it’s installed, a new link is created under Favorites. Here is a screenshot for searching “Windows 7” pictures via a flickr search connector.


I was wondering if I could create a connector for my site. It turns out it’s also very easy to create one if you are fine with using search engine for servicing out the results for your site.

Here is an example of a search connector for my site using search engine. The reason that I use is that Windows 7 expects the results in RSS format which google doesn’t support.


Download the kombitz search connector here. To customize it for your site, just search kombitz and and replace them with your site name and address.

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