Running XP Mode and VirtualBox Simultaneously Causes BSOD on Windows 7 x64 RC

Ok, this is a precaution if you have installed XP Mode (Virtual Windows XP) and VirtualBox on Windows 7 x64 RC. I was testing XP Mode and I wanted to do a side by side comparison and guess what. BSOD!

My workstation is a Core i7 machine that I built myself. It’s running the latest Windows 7 x64 RC. The VirtualBox version is 2.2.2 which is the latest at the time of this writing. Further diagnostic shows that it’s probably caused by ntkrnlmp.exe. The file is part of the Windows 7 kernel.

There is no fix for the problem now, but I found that both programs still run fine. Just do not run them at the same time.

Do you experience the same problem with 32bit Windows 7 RC? Please share your experience.

  • Roy Blood

    I got the same results on a Toshiba Laptop.

  • Max

    Just happened to me. I’m on i7 x64 win 7 with VirtualBox and XP Mode. I accidently clicked XP mode and it crashed. Just as an aside, the new Virtual PC from ms that runs XP mode sucks compared to Virtual PC 2007. I feel like they took out a lot of options, but maybe I’m missing something.

  • Greg

    virtualbox and virtual PC 2007 (with sp1 and without) crash W7 RTM when run together…

  • Having same problem here. This is 2010/09/01 and same problem still exist for longer than 1 whole year!

  • Kenji

    I’m using virtualbox with my toshiba laptop windows 7 32 bit and i install windows xp on the virtualbox and after the installation it doesnt boot properly always ending up in blue screen and restarting again

    the virtualbox is the latest 3.2.10 version