SeaTools DOS – Invalid Opcode Problem

I was working on a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. The computer crashed, and the OS was completely gone. I suspected it was a hard drive problem, so I ran Ultimate Boot CD and selected the SeaTools to test the hard drive. The SeaTools did not load at all, and I got the following error message: “Invalid Opcode at xxxx xxxx …”

I thought the problem might be because the version was an older version on the Ultimate Boot CD. I downloaded the latest version, and it did not help. I even downloaded the SeaTools from Seagate directly and made a USB stick with it. That did not work either; it produced the same error message.

Later, I learned that the problem was with the SATA operation mode. On this model, I had to set the SATA operation mode to ATA in order for the SeaTools to run. To change the settings, you need to enter the BIOS setup by entering F2 while the machine boots up. Note that the key to enter the BIOS setup might be different on your machine; consult the user manual for your computer for the correct key. Once in the BIOS setup, find the SATA operation and change it to ATA instead of AHCI. Save the changes and reboot. You should be able to run SeaTools now. Once you are done testing your hard drive, remember to enter the BIOS setup again and change the SATA operation mode back to AHCI. Otherwise, your computer may not boot at all.

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