Rocks 6.1.1 Node Installation Stops at Language Selection Screen

We have a Linux cluster running Rocks 6.1.1 for several years. I recently got a report that the nodes were down. When I checked the nodes, they were all in installation mode and stuck at language selection. I think the kickstart file was not generated correctly, but I don’t know how to check it.

Fortunately, I found an article which helped me resolve the problem. In order to test and see if a kickstart file can be generated correctly, you need to run this command.

sudo -u apache /opt/rocks/bin/rocks list host profile compute-0-0

If the output is like this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/opt/rocks/bin/rocks", line 301, in 
     command.runWrapper(name, args[i:])
line 2194, in runWrapper, self._args)
line 301, in run
     for host in self.getHostnames(args):
line 773, in getHostnames
     min,max = self.db.fetchone()
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

The problem might be due to the apache user cannot connect to the mysql server. You need to check this file: /opt/rocks/etc/my.cnf . The password has to be present. Also, the other permission should be set to read. If not, run this command:

chmod o+r /opt/rocks/etc/my.cnf


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