How to Add Disks to RAID for a Windows PowerEdge Server

I helped a user to expand storage on a PowerEdge R530 server running Windows 2016. The server has 8 bays for 3.5 hard drives. 5 out of the 8 bays are used already, so we bought 3 additional drives to add storage to the server. Here are what I did to add the disks.

  • Insert hard drives to the server using the drive caddies.
  • After adding the disks. Go to System->Storage->PERC H330 Mini (Embedded) -> Connector 0 (RAID) -> Enclosure (Backplane) -> Physical Disks on OpenManage
  • Change the task to Convert to RAID Capable and click on Execute
  • Once all the disks are ready. Go to System->Storage->PERC H330 Mini (Embedded) -> Virtual Disks
  • Click on Go to the Create Virtual Disk Wizard
  • Click on Advanced Wizard and change the RAID level to RAID-5. Click on Continue
  • Select the available drives and click on Continue
  • Click on Finish to finish the wizard
  • Use Disk Manager to format the RAID and assign a drive letter

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