Hassan Blend 1.4 Stable Diffusion Model with Automatic1111 on a Kaggle Notebook

[Edit 3/8/2023: this model has been removed from the notebook due to Kaggle’s ban.]

Hassan Blend 1.4 is a popular Stable Diffusion model for generating photo realistic pictures. Just added this model to my Kaggle notebook for various models. Note that this model might generate NSFW images. You might want to put NSFW in the negative prompt if you want to generate SFW images.

Kaggle Notebook link: https://www.kaggle.com/code/amida168/stable-diffusion-webui-various-models

Some resources about the model (the links might contain NSFW images)

Hassan’s Page

Huggingface Page

If you want to incorporate the model to your notebook, this is the code to download the model and put it in the Automatic1111’s model directory

!wget -O /kaggle/working/stable-diffusion-webui/models/Stable-diffusion/HassanBlend1.4.ckpt -L https://huggingface.co/hassanblend/hassanblend1.4/resolve/main/HassanBlend1.4.ckpt

PS: The featured image is generate by the model.


New post about Hassan Blend 1.5.

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