Analog Diffusion – Anything – Dreamlike Diffusion – Openjourney with Automatic1111 on a Kaggle Notebook

I have been trying out a lot of different Stable Diffusion models on Kaggle. I thought it would be nice to share this notebook with everyone.

Currently supports the following models:

Uncomment the corresponding line to use the model. It’s best to use one model at a time. Otherwise, you might run into a problem with RAM or storage.
Note that some of the models require an activation token:

  • Analog Diffusion: analog style
  • Dreamlike Diffusion: dreamlikeart
  • Openjourney: mdjrny-v4 style

Include the activation token in your prompt.

My other stable diffusion notebooks:

If you are new to Kaggle, please see my blog post about getting started with Kaggle. The post was written for the v2.0 notebook, but the same principle applies.

This notebook will be updated periodically to include more models. Please check back later.


  • 12/19/2022: Added Hassan Blend 1.4
  • 12/21/2022: Added Elldreth’s Lucid Mix 1.0
  • 12/24/2022: Added Dark Berry Mix, SimpMaker 3K1, and Yohan Diffusion
  • 12/27/2022: Added custom model, VAE, and embedding. stable diffusion webui will stay at the 12/23/2022 commit.
  • 12/28/2022: Added Hentai Diffusion 17
  • 1/3/2023: Added hypernetworks
  • 1/4/2023: Added ProtoGen x3.4

PS: The feature image is using ProtoGen x3.4.

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