Chocolatey – Package Manager for Windows

For years, the Linux users have been using command line package manager like yum or apt to manage the installation of applications. A colleague has mentioned a similar package manager for Windows and it’s called Chocolatey. It caught my attention immediately. I tried it and like it very much. My only concern is the security of those community sources. I might have to build my own server to provide packages for our computers.

Anyway, here are some notes for using Chocolatey:

  • Install chocolatey
    Open up an elevated command prompt and enter the following
    PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy bypass -command "& iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))"
  • Search package
    choco search package_name
  • Show package information
    choco info package_name
  • Install package
    choco install package_name
  • Upgrade package
    choco upgrade package_name
  • Uninstall package
    choco uninstall package_name
  • Help
    choco -?

Interested? Please visit for more info. My next project is to explore ProGet, a universal package manager for hosting the packages.

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