How to Tweak the Motherboard for Mining

When I first tested my mining rig, I didn’t change the settings for the motherboard. It didn’t go well. The machine was not stable at all and I could not get the motherboard to recognize some of the GPUs. After some research, I found that you have to tweak the motherboard settings for you to connect 6 GPUs. Here are the settings I changed:

  • Above 4G Decoding [Disabled] -> [Enabled]
  • PCIe Spread Spectrum Clocking [Auto] -> [Disabled]
  • PCIe Speed [Auto] -> [Gen2]
  • PCIEX16_1 Link Speed [Auto] -> [Gen2]
  • PCIEX16_2 Link Speed [Auto] -> [Gen2]
  • DMI Max Link Speed [Auto] -> [Gen2]

Note that you might not see all the settings available to you. That’s fine. Just change the available options for your motherboard. Also, if changing the speed of to Gen2 does not work for you, you can change them to Gen1.

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