/Adding Canada Maps to Mio C230

Adding Canada Maps to Mio C230

There are two locations for MioMap to store maps. When you connect your C230 to the computer with a SD card in it. Assuming that C230 shows up as F drive and the storage card (SD card) shows up as G drive, the two locations are

  • F:\MioMap\MioMap\MAPS (or F:\MioMap\MioMap2\MAPS if you’ve unlocked your unit)
  • G:\MioMap\MAPS

You can put the maps in either location without noticeable performance difference. c230.wordpress.com has a post about adding Canada maps to your Mio C230. You don’t have to unlock your Mio C230 to add Canada maps. Just created a folder on your storage card called MioMap and then create another folder called MAPS under it. Download the map from either links and put it in the folder.

http://uploaded.to/?id=la0ztg – Canada 3M POIs yES ]ga m*

http://uploaded.to/?id=fog23c – Canada 12M POIs

Note that you don’t need both of the files. Just pick one that suits your need. You can also copy some other maps from the internal flash disk (F drive) to the storage card (G drive) to make space. This is important because my next unlock release needs extra space. Your Mio C230 bought in North America. You should have the proper license for the maps. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy the maps from Mio Tech.