Adding Canada Maps to Mio C230

There are two locations for MioMap to store maps. When you connect your C230 to the computer with a SD card in it. Assuming that C230 shows up as F drive and the storage card (SD card) shows up as G drive, the two locations are

  • F:\MioMap\MioMap\MAPS (or F:\MioMap\MioMap2\MAPS if you’ve unlocked your unit)
  • G:\MioMap\MAPS

You can put the maps in either location without noticeable performance difference. has a post about adding Canada maps to your Mio C230. You don’t have to unlock your Mio C230 to add Canada maps. Just created a folder on your storage card called MioMap and then create another folder called MAPS under it. Download the map from either links and put it in the folder. – Canada 3M POIs yES ]ga m* – Canada 12M POIs

Note that you don’t need both of the files. Just pick one that suits your need. You can also copy some other maps from the internal flash disk (F drive) to the storage card (G drive) to make space. This is important because my next unlock release needs extra space. Your Mio C230 bought in North America. You should have the proper license for the maps. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy the maps from Mio Tech.

  • robb1

    Will the Canada map work with the USA C230 version License? I know the USA license covers N. America.

  • c230

    Yes, these files are the same 2007.1 version covered by the license file in your Mio C230.

  • modowolf

    are you able to use the sd card provided with the c220 with the c230? from my understanding, the sd card from the c220 has 3+ million POI’s. Just curious since adding custom POI’s seems to slow down the c230’s performance. thanks for any info.

    btw, wonderful info on your site!!!

  • Roisy

    Does anyone have the US 50 States map FBL?

    I would be for ever Thankful

  • Roisy

    Would it work to install a U.S. map on a Canadian mio c230s?

  • Marian

    Does antone knoes where can I find the complete Europe map for C230?

  • CD

    How do I get 2007.07 maps to read?

  • amida168


    You’ll need to get a proper license file from Mio Tech to use 2007.07 maps.

  • lamlou

    I got a C230 in Canada, does anyone has a U.S. map? Thxxxxxxxxxx~

  • yoni0077


    Does enyone know how to make a US mio to work with Israel map. I guess I need a license, where I can find it ?


  • monkeydavid


    All the maps:

    [link deleted]

  • amida168


    Thanks for your contribution. The link I provided for Canada maps works with Mio C230’s license file. It’s considered legal. However, the link you provided requires a different license file which is not legal unless you purchase it. I have deleted the link. Sorry about that.

  • monkeydavid


    That’s strange, I bought a C230s which is a Canadian version of the C230, it came with the

    Full Canada map plus Major US roads map, I also checked the license file, it is a full NA

    license, so I downloaded 50 US states maps from that site, put them on the SD card, it (the

    C230s device) recognized all the maps right way, none of them locked up, and I used the same

    license file came with my C230s. So I though the C230 must be the same story. I know for all

    the other maps, you need to buy extra licenses, but for the US and Canada should be all covered

    by the one NA license, right???

  • amida168


    Yes, the US and Canada maps should be covered by one NA license. However, the license on my unit only covers the 2007.01 maps, it doesn’t cover the later maps. If the link only shows the maps, I guess it’s OK. But the problem is that the link also contains a license file which I don’t think it’s legal to distribute freely.

  • Michael

    Hello ,I bought Mio C230 in the USA and I want to use it in Europe. Each time I put SD card wit map of Europe in it doesn´t work. How can I make it work?

    Thank you

  • amida168


    You’ll have to buy those maps from Mio Tech.

  • ralph

    does any one know if there are mio maps that can be downloaded for PERU? and south america? how would i do it to make it work also. thanks

  • amida168


    If you bought your C230 from US, your unit is only licensed for maps of North America. You need to contact Mio Tech for other maps.

  • amida168


    If you are interested in getting maps of other regions, please contact Mio Tech. The comments section is now closed.