MacBook Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 7

When I installed Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) on my early 2008 MacBook yesterday, the audio driver did not work. The driver provided by Boot Camp is not the right one. Using the hardware id, I learned that the audio card is made by Realtek. I downloaded  the driver directly from Realtek and it worked. Here is the download link.  The one I downloaded is Vista Driver (32/64 bits) Driver Version R2.14. Extract the files and run the setup.exe.

BTW, if you are looking for some older versions, you can use this ftp site.

This is a mirror site used by Realtek. Note that the download speed is kinda slow, so be patient.

[Update: 11/16/2009]

The ftp site is protected by password now. It’s not working unless you know the username and password.

[Update: 4/4/2011]

If you have problems following the link, please try to use Internet Explorer to download the driver.

32 thoughts on “MacBook Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 7

  1. roy

    but not found,sent to me please if you have other link
    [email protected]

  2. audiodriver

    heres another solution: just insert your original tiger/leopard install disc. it will say setup.exe. run that. boot camp will install all the right drivers and stuff then it will work nicely.

    1. HeWhoKnowsHowToRead

      You, sir, are an idiot.
      If you READ the article, you would know that the “right audio drivers and stuff” installed with Boot camp DO NOT WORK. This entire article is about an ALTERNATE SOLUTION to fix the BROKEN BOOT CAMP DRIVERS.
      I hope that cleared things up for ‘ya.

      1. danielm

        Thank you for replying to that so constructively. =D
        After reading it, I was worried I might have to waste my time with their education. I can now waste it thanking you!

  3. conghoan

    Great post! Thanks for your sharing. Any idea with driver for webcam and keyboard for windows in Mac?

  4. MEOR


    Try to download the bootcamp 3.0 and install it than upgrade it to 3.1. This is what I did and the sound will be fixed too.You can download the 3.0 version from this web site as a torrent(* link removed *).

    Good luck.

    1. amida168 Post author

      You can get boot camp 3 from the Snow Leopard installation media. It’s not a good idea to download it from unknown origin.

  5. woifh

    thx for this!! im downloading this on my mac first thn transfer it to my usb to use it on my windows… the link works.. however if u DO READ, the bottom says ‘Best viewed at 800×600 with IE 6.0 or Netscape 7.02 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 or higher.’

    mayb thts y some ppl cant get it

  6. MANav DaWAR

    Dude could you please provide a different link… It says that the object has moved to here, with a hyperlink on the word HERE. When i click here, it redirects me to the same page. Your help would be really helpful. Thank You.

    1. amida168 Post author

      I just tried the link. It did not work with Firefox, but it did work with IE. You can try to use IE to download the driver.


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