WordPress 3.4 Page Variable in Query String

We have a special deals section where I created some customized pages to present deals available to our readers. I just noticed that there was a problem with one of the pages. The pagination does not work any more. Here is a screenshot of the pagination of my page.

When I created these pages, I used “page” as a variable in the query string. For example, to go to the sale page #2, I have this as the URL:


This stopped working after I upgraded to WordPress 3.4. This puzzled me for a while, until I noticed whenever I click on the URL, the system changes the URL to


This, of course, does not work with my script. The workaround is actually quite easy: just don’t use “page” as a variable in the query string. I changed the variable from page to page_number, and my scripts are working once again. The updated query string is like this one:


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