The forums are now officially closed. They were open because there were a lot of discussions when I was actively involved with unlocking Mio C230. Now that there are not a lot of activities in the forums, it’s time to close them. If you have questions about a particular post, please leave a comment in the comments section of that post.


  1. dude yout thread got deleted, i have a mexican mio c320 and i cant find the way to unlock it, from what i’ve read i need to change the name of the folders but no one tells me wich ones… if you could help me please thx..

      1. Hi
        Thanks a lot for this fantastic unlock software.I tried it on a navigon 1200 and it runs great.But I have 4 important drawbacks.first at start it doesnt find “taskbar window” so i cant use it.Second when i push “settings” it cant find “control.exe” in windows folder.Third when i push calculator the ppc restarts.And last the tooglekeyboard key doesnt work.I will appreciate any help on these.
        Thank you,.

        1. Author

          Thanks for the compliments. Please ask your question in the original post of Navigon unlock.

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