iPhone 3G's Sensors Location

When I went shopping for a case for my iPhone. I checked the dealextreme’s site. There is only one crystal case available for iPhone 3G at the moment.

This case is only $1.99 and the shipping is free. The only catch is that it takes a long time ( about 2 to 3 weeks) to ship to your home because the vendor is in HK.

Even though the price is right, I don’t like the weird L shape hole and the round hole around the receiver. I wondered why they must have holes like that. There are no buttons there.

It was not until yesterday before I knew why they have those holes around the receiver. I took out my iPhone to check the traffic on my way home. Under the bright sunshine, I could see clearly there are 3 gray dots to the left side of the receiver. I then realized these are the famous sensors that everyone talks about. Here is a photo I took this morning. Click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture.

Now that you know the location for the sensors, next time you shop for a case, be sure the case doesn’t cover the sensors.

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