How I Got My Azure Fundamentals Certification for Free

Just passed the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ-900). Unlike my previous certifications which I paid for training material and exam fee, I got this certification totally free. I’d like to share with you. Follow these steps to get yours.

Step one: Sign up and take the free training from Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Microsoft has offered a lot of different courses for free. The one you want to sign up for AZ-900 is “VIRTUAL: Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals”. Each course is about 3 and half hours. The course only covers very basic stuff for the exam. Also, the course can be viewed at the time of training. You cannot re-watch the course again. It’s not very effective as a preparation tool for the exam. However, you get a free voucher to take the exam. I recommend using a Microsoft account to sign up for the training and the voucher will be available when you sign up the exam.

Step two: Use the official training course to prepare

You can find both free and paid courses here. The free online course is good enough for the certification. Once you are done with the course. Here is a page which takes you to the questions of the course so that you don’t have to dig through the pages to review the questions.

Step three: Take some mock exams

There are quite a few mock exams for AZ-900. The best that I have found is this.

Even though the questions are good and very similar to the real exam. There is a caveat. Not all the answers are correct. Use your best judgement to determine the right answers. Also, not all the questions are free, but the free ones should be enough for you to pass the certification.

Step four: Take the exam

Go to the Microsoft Certification Dash Board to schedule your exam. If you use a Microsoft account to sign up for the Virtual Training Days, your voucher will be there automatically when you sign up for AZ-900. The exam is not difficult. If you have gone through step 2 and step 3, you should be ready to pass the exam. Good luck!

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