Quick Comparison of Anything Stable Diffusion Model v3, v4, and v4.5 using webui’s X/Y plot

Anything v3 is a very popular stable diffusion model for generating anime images. Two newer versions came out recently. Some people are questioning the authenticity of these two models. Authenticity aside, I am going to do a quick comparison of these three models.

Before we start, the url to download the new models is here.


A vae for v4 is included. There is no vae for v4.5, so I used v4 vae with v4.5 in the comparison. I used Automatic1111’s webui to generate these images. I set the vae to be loaded automatically in the settings section so the correct vae is loaded with each model. This is how it looks like in the model directory. The anything-v4.5.vae.pt is just a copy of the anything-v4.0.vae.pt.

In the txt2img tab enter the parameters:

Prompt:(masterpiece:1.3), highest quality, highres, smooth, small breasts, tall body, thick thighs, (solo focus:0.2), detailed face, dramatic light, (bikini:1.2), close-up, cowboy shot, hand on own chest, dynamic pose, bent over, gradient eyes, solo, (swimming pool:1.1), (poolside:1.1), (happy face), blush, finely detailed, long black hair, blue eyes, glow, soft lightning, illustration, (beautiful detailed woman), beautiful detailed glow, absurdres, best quality, (resort and swimming pool), patio umbrella, (hand)

Negative prompt: malformed sword, (bad_prompt:0.8), extra limbs, (bad anatomy), (bad proportion)(extra ears, (upside down:1.2), hand (bad_prompt:0.8) hand, hand (bad_prompt2:0.8) hand, low quality lowres multiple breasts, low quality lowres mutated hands and fingers, low quality lowres long body, low quality lowres mutation poorly drawn, low quality lowres black-white, low quality lowres bad anatomy, low quality lowres liquid body, low quality lowres liquid tongue, low quality lowres disfigured, low quality lowres malformed, low quality lowres mutated, low quality lowres anatomical nonsense, low quality lowres text font ui, low quality lowres error, low quality lowres malformed hands, low quality lowres long neck, low quality lowres blurred, low quality lowres lowers, low quality lowres low res, low quality lowres bad proportions, letters, watermark

Steps: 30, Sampler: DPM++ 2S a Karras, CFG scale: 10, Seed: 1349338813, Size: 832×1024

Select X/Y plot from the Script dropdown. Enter the parameters according to this screenshot:

Click on Generate to generate the images. Here is the plot:


Personally, I like the v4.5 the most because it’s better at generating semi-realistic images. What is your favorite model after you have tried  them?

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