XviD Files Crash Windows Explorer

I copied some XviD encoded AVI files to a machine without XviD codec installed. Whenever I open the folder containing these files. The Windows Explorer crashes with the following event created in the Application log.

Event Type:    Information

Event Source:    Winlogon

Event Category:    None

Event ID:    1002

Date:        2/2/2006

Time:        12:27:02 PM

User:        N/A

Computer:    MyComputer


The shell stopped unexpectedly and Explorer.exe was restarted.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


I was puzzled by this behaviour at first. The default application to handle AVI files is Windows Media Player. Oh! I forgot to mention that the machine is running Windows XP Professional SP2 with all the updates. The Windows Media Player version is 9. My first take is to upgrade the Media Player to 10. However, Windows Explorer still crashes after the Media Player upgrade. My second take is to install the XviD codec. After I installed the XviD codec, the crashes stopped. I am able to browse those files using Windows Explorer without crashing.

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  2. Installing the XVid codec did not resolve the crashing for me. If I try to open a file or view a preview in Explore, it crashes Explorer. If I try to open it in a player, it crashes the player. This is consistent across all XVid files I have, and I just rebuilt my system so it is fairly clean. Any thoughts?

  3. Copy this and run it with ‘Run’ command:-
    regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

    This will disable video previews in Explorer, it’s quite unstable and in my experience often causes Explorer crashes.

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