How to Install Latest Catalyst Driver on Ferrari 3400

The Ferrari 3400 comes with a nice ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 video card. However, the driver provided by Acer is dated and you cannot install the latest Catalyst driver from ATI. I found out later that I can still install the latest driver from ATI if I get it modded. Here are the steps:

  1. Before installing the driver, use DriverCleaner Pro to uninstall the old ATI driver. You can download DriverCleaner Pro here.
  2. Install DriverCleaner Pro and reboot the machine.
  3. Run DriverCleaner Pro and select “ATI”, “ATI CCC” and “ATI Uninstall Utility” cleaning filters. Click on “Start” to clean the old driver. Reboot the machine when you are done.


  4. Download the latest Catalyst driver from ATI.
  5. Install the driver. The process will fail but that’s fine. We are only interested in the extracted files. Exit the installer after error occur. You might need to use Task Manager to force quit the installer. Now we have driver files under C:\ATI\SUPPORT\6-5_xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_32464. Note that the directory name can be different if you use an installer of different version.
  6. Download the Driverheaven Mobility Modding Tool from this site.
  7. Run the modding tool, browse to the driver directory and click on “Go MObile!” to modify the drivers for Mobility Radeon 9700. In the end, you also get an option to install the drivers.

After the driver gets installed, you might run into problems when displaying games in other resolution. You can try to press “Fn+F5” several times when you see a black screen.

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