Vista Beta 2 on MacBook

I just got a MacBook for testing. After the initial setup, the first thing I downloaded was Boot Camp Assistant. I have setup an iMac with Windows XP before and I thought Vista Beta 2 should be the same. I was wrong. ๐Ÿ™ Later, I found that I need to delete the EFI partition in order for the installer to work. Here is the blog that details the info.

My steps are a bit different and mine is a MacBook instead of MacBook Pro. Here is what I did to get the initial install of Vista Beta 2 on MacBook. Before you follow these steps, be sure to backup your files. Also, once you install Vista Beta 2, you CANNOT restore your Intel Mac to original state(ie. single partition) without serious hacking.

  1. Install and run Boot Camp Assistant. Create a partition big enough for Vista Beta 2. Microsoft recommends a partition greater than 25 GB.
  2. Put the Vista install DVD in the drive and click on “Start Installation” to reboot the machine.
  3. Follow the instruction on screen to install Vista. When you are prompted with a dialog with partition table of the disk, the FIRST partition is EFI partition. The size shown is 200 MB, you have to DELETE this partition. The target partition is the LAST partition. Install Vista here.
  4. After installer finishes copying files and reboot itself. During the boot process, press any key to boot to the installer DVD again. Look for “System Recovery Options” and run it. Let installer DVD to recover the system. Reboot the machine afterward.
  5. When the system boots up, there is a screen for you to choose boot to either “Microsoft Windows” or “Windows Vista Ultimate (Recovered)”. Pick the recovered Vista option to boot.
  6. The system should boot normaly and finish the installation.

There are several drivers that are not supported. I’ll post again about my findings. Note that from now on the boot up would default to Vista. If you need to boot to OS X, press and hold option key while booting.

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  1. As of Vista Pre-RC1 Build 5552, it is no longer necessary to delete/disable the 200mb EFI partition. Vista is quite happy with it.

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