ISO Files under Vista

Vista has many new features over XP. However, the ability to manipulate ISO files is still missing. If you buy a system pre-installed with Vista, it probably has some 3rd party utilities for burning ISO files to CD/DVD. If you are like me who upgrade to Vista by myself, you are out of luck.

There are two free utilities that are very useful. The first is ISO Recorder V3 . It not only burns the ISO image to CD/DVD, it can also create ISO image file from CD/DVD. It’s really indispensable if you frequently download ISO image files and burn them to CD/DVD.

There are some cases where you only want to see what’s on the ISO image and you don’t want to burn it yet. It would be nice if you can view the files before you decide to burn the image to CD/DVD. The second utility does just that. It’s called Virtual CloneDrive . After installation, it creates a virtual drive on your machine. You can then mount the image onto the virtual drive. It’s pretty neat.

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