MacBook's Audio Problem after Vista Upgrade

I just upgraded my MacBook from Vista Business to Vista Ultimate. After the upgrade, the audio device is not working any more. I tried to uninstall the audio device and re-install it several times and it didn’t work. I then try to google for solution, and what do you know, I found the solution in my own blog!

A reader left a comment in my early post about Vista RC1 on MacBook. Here is what he said.

For those of you having issues with MacBook sound on Vista after an upgrade from an earlier version of Vista (and maybe XP – not sure), there is a bug with the Sigmatel driver installation package that affects the upgrade scenario. It will look like the install worked, but you’ll get the error “No Audio Output Device Installed” as a tooltip from the system tray speaker icon, and in the Control Panel sound settings dialog. You can get around this by going to Device Manager, *uninstalling* the Sigmatel audio that appears under sound devices (choose to remove the software too, this won’t remove the installer, just the copied driver), and running the installer’s setup.exe (as Administrator).

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