Updating SpeedCam file for Mio C230

[8/28/2008] Updated post

The default speedcam file for Mio C230 has 0 speed camera which is not useful. I found this post that you can download the speed camera files for US. You will need to register in order to download the attached zip file. The file is called “speedcam script.zip”.

  • Unzip the file and you find two speedcam files: EastSpeedcamUpdates.spud and WestSpeedcamUpdates.spud .
  • Turn on C230 and connect it to your computer using a USB calbe. The location for the default speedcam file is F:MioMapMioMap2POISPEEDCAMSpeedcamUpdates.spud, if you use my hack prior to release 4 to unlock your Mio C230. If you use other hacks and you haven’t changed the MioMap directory to MioMap2, the default file isF:MioMapMioMapPOISPEEDCAMSpeedcamUpdates.spud .You also need to substitute the drive letter of your system if Mio Device is assigned a different drive letter other than F.
  • Pick a speedcam file and copy to the directory.
  • Delete or rename the original file. Change the name of speedcam file so the name is SpeedcamUpdates.spud .
  • Reset the Mio.

6 Comments on Updating SpeedCam file for Mio C230

  1. I cannot get my Mio C230 to give an AUDIBLE signal of upcoming traffic cams. I know it seems them and it has a red circle that strobes so I assume it’s alerting me — but no chirp even though I’ve set it to give me an audible warning. Any ideas?

    • If you want to unlock your Mio C230, do not do the step 5 in the instructions. The skin is only for MioMap 3.3. It’s not compatible with your GPS.

  2. I didn’t find the updated speedcam file from “[Update] I have uploaded the file here.” link, is it removed now ?


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