Adding Exit Door to MioMap 3.3

One reader has contributed a great hack to add an Exit Door to the main screen of MioMap 3.3. It’s easier to quit MioMap this way and MioMap shuts off cleanly without the need to reset the machine. This hack is only useful if you have unlocked your Mio C230. I assume that you have followed my post to unlock your Mio C230. Here are the steps. [Update: 12/19/2007] I found out how to modify the DATA.ZIP to show the exit door and hence the new Hack #2. [Update: 12/20/2007] I made my DATA.ZIP file available for download. The DATA.ZIP is from my Mio C230 and the only change I made is enable the Exit Door.

Hack #1 (This requires you to use a DATA.ZIP file from an external source)

  1. Download DATA.ZIP from this site.
  2. Turn on your Mio C230 and connect it to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Mio C230 shows up as F: drive. Make a backup of your original DATA.ZIP file. The file is F:MioMapMioMap2DATA.ZIP .
  4. Copy the DATA.ZIP from step 1 to the F:MioMapMioMap2 directory.
  5. Edit the file F:ScriptMioNav.mscr . Comment the Reset command, so the line looks like this


  6. Disconnect Mio C230 and do a hard reset.

Hack #2 (No download needed. You modify the DATA.ZIP yourself.)

  1. Turn on your Mio C230 and connect it to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Mio C230 shows up as F: drive. Make a backup of your original DATA.ZIP file. The file is F:MioMapMioMap2DATA.ZIP .
  3. Unzip the original DATA.ZIP to your local hard drive.
  4. Edit the file miocommonuidefault_setup.ui in the uncompressed files.
  5. Find the following line and delete it. Note that this is for C230 only. You might need to edit/delete other line for other models.

    runif vDeviceType "MIOC230" 'btn_exit_app.hide'

  6. Compress the files back into DATA.ZIP again.
  7. Copy the DATA.ZIP from step 6 to the F:MioMapMioMap2 directory.
  8. Edit the file F:ScriptMioNav.mscr . Comment the Reset command, so the line looks like this


  9. Disconnect Mio C230 and do a hard reset.

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  1. Sounds good but I have a lot of tweaks already in my DATA.ZIP file. Is there a way the necessary files and their changes can be posted so that the user can edit his own DATA.ZIP file?

    PS On another topic is amida168 the same person who publish’s the C230 Blog? Is there anyway to email him?

  2. Robb1,

    I am not into DATA.ZIP that much. I cannot tell you specifics about what have changed.

    C230 publishes . You can leave a comment on his blog, I am sure he will respond soon.

  3. I’d really like to hear from the donor whether this is a factory skin with only the exit button added, or if this is andy’s or someone else’s skin.

    Like robb1, I’d really like to know what has changed (especially since my attempts to add the exit button failed). Unlocking the Mio is one thing, and I realize you can backup the file, but I hesitate to introduce unknowns in the MioMap software itself.

  4. Thanks C230!

    I figured out how to do it without replacing the DATA.ZIP file! I will email you about it. Maybe release v3.3 will be coming out WITHOUT banana pc.

  5. It appears to me that the DATA.ZIP file inside the is for many mio models. It seems like its a standard skin that comes on the Mio’s but includes larger screen resolutions(480×272)files too(for larger/newer mios). Thats why its almost twice the size of the c230

  6. The only thing I found about this is that after you do a hard reset and the Unlock Menu appears, if you select GPS ONLY when you try the EXIT DOOR the unit hangs(freeze’s up). I suggested to C230(Dan) that if the unlock menu could be done away with all together might be a good idea. Have the gps go directly to the Unlocked Desktop without the menu. Or if not possible, just remove the GPS ONLY option in the menu.

  7. I’m using the MioC230-NXT-R3.2 from the C230 Weblog which uses your unlock script. Maybe that has something to do with it. I’m not sure.

  8. Actually, it’s not exactly the same as mine. Mine uses systeminformaiton to present the unlock screen while his uses a MortScript to do it.

  9. I see….. Maybe C230 Dan can make some changes in his next release. I’m still in the learning mode. I only had my C230 about 3 weeks. First gps for me. Thanks for all your efforts!

  10. Amida

    I think I read somewhere that extracted and tweaked files don’t have to actually be zipped back up, just so they end up in the same directory. That might make the hack to easier to script and publish, because as we know, as soon as many of us have to edit files, there’s a lot of room for errors. 🙂

    So, I’d be glad to fold this into my next release if you could assist in scripting the change. If you’re going this route, maybe I’ll “borrow” that portion.

    I like robb1’s suggestion on going directly to unlock if we go this route, and yes I would just get rid of BananaPC if we go this route.

  11. C230,

    I agreed that once you want people to edit a file in a ZIP file, it could introduce a lot of user errors. I think I will include my DATA.ZIP file for download.

  12. Amida,

    I didn’t see a link for your, but your blog says you made it available. If I might make a suggestion – also unhide the export track button before publishing. That way, most of us shouldn’t have a need to tweak the file further.

    Rather than republish the file myself, I’ll point to your blog, when the next rev comes out. 🙂

  13. To save you looking up how: “… the export button to .gpx file is missing, but can be restored by removing the word “hide” from \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap2\\mio\320_240\ui\tracking_320_240.ui and zipping the file back up.”

  14. C230,

    If you look at step 1 of Hack#1, I have replaced the link with my DATA.ZIP file. Regarding the exporting track, I think it’s too complicated for casual users. I am not going to include that functionality.

  15. OK, I didn’t realize that you weren’t using the donated zip file any longer. My thought is that a casual user probably won’t click on that button anyways. The more dangerous button – record tracks is already there and you can fill up your flash drive fast with that one.

    I tried hack #2 on my working, and keep getting a cdat? error so I have yet to try out the exit button…

  16. C230,

    Are you sure you delete the right line? It’s line #192 of the file. Or maybe you didn’t zip the files in the correct format, like adding an extra folder or something.

  17. I’m positive. The only difference is my has already been modified to unhide the export button.

    I know I could just download your file now, BUT…

    If you do both changes, does your still work?

  18. A little off topic Amida, but you might know…

    Last couple of days, I’ve substantially tweaked the Chimer script to function as an Alarm Clock for the Mio C230, only to realize now that since Mio stripped out the Notification applet (Scheduled Tasks) out of the Control Panel, that won’t work because the RunAt command is really just adding to the Tasks Que (that doesn;t exist)

    I tried adding the PHM Power Toy dlls and control panel applets to get the Notification database functioning so the RunAt command will function, but so far no luck. Even if I started over from scratch, with the way Mio took out this piece of the OS, this project seems doomed!

    Any suggestions in partially restoring what Mio stripped out?

  19. C230,

    My friend borrowed my Mio C230. 🙁 I have no way to test it now.

    I tried some alarm utilities and found the same problem. There is no notification database. I have tried to download the platform builder from Microsoft, but it’s CE 6.0 not CE 5.0. Have you tried the CE emulator? Maybe you can find something useful from the emulator.

  20. C230…I have the Export Track Log unhidden and the Exit Door hack too. No cdat errors. If you did not have the error prior to enabling the Exit Door hack then it must be in that area somewhere.

  21. ?

    When I edit the just taking out the C230 line for the exit button, I get the error ctype.dat only when going into MioMap. When I go back to my with only the export button unhidden, all is well again.

    Not sure what the question is.

  22. If you are using the Unlock scripts (Ver 2.0 or 3.2) and use the modified MioMap 3.3 skin with Exit Door, visit my site to download one additional file so that the skin works properly with my unlock.

    Great job everyone! No more BananaPC – although it does it’s job well, the Exit Door is so much nicer.

  23. C230,

    I finally got my Mio C230 back and tested the export track log. I had no problems incorporating the “unhide” export button.

  24. I’ve got my all set now too. Seems like winrar does a better job when you pull a file out, work on it and deop it back into the window, rather than working on a file and then zipping the whole package over again.

    I suspect, as Amida theorized, that ctype.dat file wasn’t being uncompressed / recompressed properly.

  25. Got it….go to this line, if yo don’t have it, add it:

    runif vDeviceType “MIOC230” ‘btn_exit_app.hide’

    Hides the exit button.

  26. Amida,

    For weeks, I’ve been trying to add the DPMS functionality to a locked unit. It’s my plan to extract DPMS.exe from an unlock release, place it in my c230’s file and use the Exit Door button to activate DPMS.exe (because my c230 is not unlocked and this button currently doesn’t do anything). The main problem that I’ve faced is finding the UI file and script that controls the Exit Door button. Can you please help me find the script that I need to edit to change the function of this button? Thank you.

  27. The file that controls the button is mio\320_240\ui\main_menu_320_240.ui . If you have further questions, please ask them in the forum.

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