Next Generation GPS – Dash Express

dashFrom time to time, there is a break through product that can change the industry. If you are tired of the existing GPSs on the market with similar functionalities, this one is for you.

I found this GPS device called Dash Express while I was browsing What’s unique about this GPS is the two-way Internet connection (subscription required). With this connection, you can get accurate traffic data. Wait, other GPS devices on the market can get traffic data too. Why this is different? This is unique because as an end user, you can contribute to traffic data and thus the traffic data is more up to date.

You can get live Internet content in your car. Using Dash, you can connect to Yahoo! Local and search up-to-date information with user ratings. You can even send your emails to your device.

One other unique feature is the AutoUpdate. With it, all the updates including maps, software and historical traffic data are downloaded to the device automatically.

The service plan starts at $9.99 per month with 2-year contract.

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