XnView Pocket for PNA


License: Freeware

I have got some requests for a photo slide show program. This is it. You need a copy of AYGSHELL.DLL which I didn’t include in the package. A reader has warned about distributing AYGSHELL.DLL is illegal. Even though I don’t know if the claim is true, I decided not to distribute it for now. You can get it from a lot of places. [Update:] Tim Rude has pointed out the AYGSHELL.DLL I have distributed in the past is actually not a MS product and it’s legal to distribute it. I have included the DLL in the package now. Thanks, Tim!

Use FileMan CE to invoke XnPocket.exe in the directory or create a shortcut on the desktop. Please refer to this post, if you don’t know how to put it on the desktop.

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