Adobe Illustrator CS2 for Mac Keeps Crashing

A user has reported a strange problem about Adobe Illustrator CS2 on a PowerMac G5 running Leopard. It started about two weeks ago and whenever he tries to run Illustrator, the splash screen appears and then it crashes without any error message.

I checked the logs and crash reports. I didn’t find anything related to the crashes. I then tried to run Illustrator by myself and I found that it crashes right before it tries to build font menu. With this information in mind, I opened up Font Book in Applications and validated the font (File -> Validate Font). About 50 duplicate fonts were found. The crashing problem is gone after the duplicate fonts were deleted.

  • Thomas

    YES!!! This works! Thanks!

  • Jen

    Thanks! It worked.

  • yayyyy!! thank you!!

  • Susan

    I had only a slight problem with one font and when I deleted it, Illustrator opened. Thanks a million!

  • Ray

    YES!!! That was exactly what the problem was. I migrated from a G5 with CS2, onto a new iMac 24 with 10.5.8 software.
    When launching Illustrator 12.0, the start-up would load only 60% fonts, then crash & give a “relaunch” window.
    Opening the Font Manager application like you said & validating all fonts, removing those duplicate fonts that had a yellow exclamation mark next to them, corrected the problem.

  • Suh

    WOW, I had only one – might be problem, be careful – font and it works now. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • tiffany

    I started using CS2 on Leopard and am designing a lot of large size (148″ larger) documents that crash my program. The file will be open and I hide it to edit other photos (photoshop) then try to come back and it will not “show”. I “Force Quit” to see if it is responding and it isn’t.

    I did the font trick but need more help!!

    • amida168

      Your problem is different. If it’s related to fonts, the program would not load at all.

      You might want to check your logs for clues.

    • Peter Jenko

      You should do your art 1/2 size or 1/4 size. None of these programs were designed to be 148″ in any dimension….just remember to keep proper resolutions as the will be at final size…

  • Peter Jenko

    Absolutely worked…but only after I emptied the trash and re-started…maybe you want to add that as another tip…but THANKS

  • Erin Maioriello

    I have been trying for days to resolve this problem, and with this simple step, its gone!! Thank you SO much for your help on this! Now… back to work!