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I have been searching for a dictionary program for my Mio C230 for a long time. Finally, I found one that’s working. It’s the Free Dictionary from Tilde Tech. The installation is not that straight forward, so I am writing down the steps. It requires .Net Compact Framework, so you’ll need to have my unlock release 4.1 or later to run it.

  1. There are two files you need to download. The first one is the Dictionary Kit. It contains the dictionary files. The second file is the program itself. Unfortunately, there is no direct download of this file, you need to visit PocketGear to “buy” it for $0. Here is the link to the product page. You will not be charged with the download, but you have to add it to the cart and check it out.
  2. After you downloaded the two files, run them and get them installed on your Windows PC. The programs and dictionary files are installed in this directory.
    C:Program FilesTildeTech
  3. Browse to the folder in step 2 and copy the following dictionary files to a directory of your choice on your SD card.
  4. We need to copy the FreeDict.exe now. Before you copy the FreeDict.exe to the SD card, make sure your system allows you to view hidden files. Here is the tutorial is you don’t know how to enable it. Browse to this directory.
    C:Program FilesTildeTechPocketPC
    Note that this is different from the directory in step 2 and 3. Right click on FreeDict.exe and select Properties. Uncheck the Hidden box and click on OK to exit the dialog box.
  5. Copy the FreeDict.exe in step 4 to the directory you created on the SD card with the dictionary files.

You can now move the SD card to your Mio C230 and either use FileMan CE to invoke it or put it on the desktop. Note that FreeDict runs better in portrait mode, so you might want to rotate the screen before you invoke it. As you can see in the first screenshot, the top menu is missing like other .NET applications on Mio C230, but it doesn’t affect the functionality of the program. There are also some trial games and one full version of Hangman in C:Program FilesTildeTechPocketPC . You can move them to the SD card using the methods in step 4.

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  1. I do not see any files in PocketPC directory other than TildeTech_Installer.dll and WM_InstTool.exe.
    The folder properties are set to show hidden file.
    Where do I get the FreeDict.exe ? Please help.

  2. You have to make sure you can see hidden files first. If you are sure you can see hidden files but still cannot see FreeDict.exe, try to install the program on a different computer.

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