NIS Problems and Fedora 9

I helped a user to set up a machine for dual boot with Windows XP and Linux. Initially, I used CentOS 5 for Linux, but the ability to mount NTFS partition is not supported by default. Even though there are ways to get around it. I finally settled for Fedora 9 which has the ntfs-3g built-in.

After the installation is done, I tried to set up NIS. I set up NIS using the same settings for other Linux machine. However, the ypbind failed to connect to the server. I was puzzled by this behaviour.

I got a tip from a forum article. Someone suggested to turn of the NetworkManager service and use the old network service instead. So, this is what I did.

sudo chkconfig --level 235 NetworkManager off
sudo chkconfig --level 235 network on

You can then stop the NetworkManager service and start the network service, or you can simply reboot the system to make sure the other services got restarted.

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