Free Video Recorder for iPhone – Cycorder

[Note:] This is only available for jailbroken iPhone.

When I checked Cydia for new programs yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised that there is a video recorder and it’s even free. The program is written by Jay Freeman who is the author of Cydia.

The program features real-time compression, the algorithm used is MJPEG. Compared to the paid iPhoneVideoRecorder, Cycorder captured video is of higher quality but the file size is much bigger. The only drawback for now is there is no sound recording. The author said the new version with sound is coming out in a week. Let’s hope it would stay free once the new version is out.

When you are done recording, the files are saved under /var/mobile/Media/Videos . You can use any sftp program to download the videos to your desktop. For scp users, you can simply use the following command to copy the files. (Remember to replace the IP address of your iPhone.) I have written a post about using DiskAid to transfer the files.

scp [email protected]:/var/mobile/Media/Videos/* .

I made a sample recording and posted it on YouTube.

If you are interested in the original, here is the link to the file.

I made another recording outdoors. Here is the YouTube video. This one is actually better in quality if you look at the original file, however the YouTube upload degraded the quality of the video.

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