Better Rechargeable Batteries for Your Camera

When I bought my first digital camera, I spent $75 just to get a spare battery. It is not cost effective. When I was choosing my second camera, I wanted one that can take regular AAA batteries.

My decision was only partially right. Now that I have a camera that can take regular AAA rechargeable batteries, I found that I had to charge the batteries the day before I intend to use of the camera. Otherwise, just forget it. Even if I charged the batteries a few days earlier, they are not usable when I need them. That’s because the charge drains quickly on these regular NiMH batteries.

Thankfully, there is hope. I found these Eneloop batteries by Sanyo. These batteries are incredible. The cost is basically the same as the regular rechargeble batteries. Do not let the 2,000 mAh spec fool you. They are actually much more useful than those 2,500 mAh batteries. I now can really use my camera whenever I want without worrying about the batteries. I will not buy those regular rechargeble batteries again.

Click on the link to go to Amazon’s page for Eneloop batteries.

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