DVD Upscaling on PS3

One of the main reasons for me to buy a PS3 is the Blu-Ray playback and DVD upscaling. For those who are not familiar with upscaling, it’s also called upconverting, it’s a process to scale the DVD signal from 480p to 1080i or higher.

Before I bought my PS3, I did a bit of homework and found that PS3 doesn’t come with a component cable which is needed for higher resolution. I bought a component cable for PS3 like this. When I finally received my PS3, I hooked it up using the component cable and to my surprise, the DVD playback is not upscaling!

I later learned that you need a HDMI cable for the upscaling to work. My old TV set doesn’t have HDMI input, it only has DVI input. Thankfully, all I need is a HDMI to DVI cable. This is the cable I bought from Amazon. You won’t believe how affordable this cable is and it’s a quality cable, too.

So, does the upscaling work? Yes, you bet. Before I thought the progressive scan DVD player is good enough, the PS3’s upscaling bring the picture quality up a notch. It’s definitely worth the investment of the HDMI cable.

BTW, the PS3’s component cable is compatible with PS2, too. I use the cable on my old PS2, so I didn’t spend the money for nothing.

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