Windows 7: How to Create an Ad Hoc Network

There are times when I want to create an ad hoc network to share files or a network connection. Here are the steps to create an ad hoc network in Windows 7.

  1. Click on Start (Windows icon) and type wireless. Click on Manage wireless networks.
  2. Click on Add to add a network.
  3. Click on Create an ad hoc network.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Enter a name for your network and configure the security options. Click on Next when you are done.

[Update: 3/21/2009] If you are interested in setting up an ad hoc network with encryption, please see this post.

[Update: 8/17/2010] Please see my latest post about setting an ad hoc network to share an internet connection.

  • Ruch

    please send me an example oh adHoc password. I cant create a password!!! so soon…

  • mary

    What If it doesnt say create ad-hoc when you Click on add and the question “how do you want to add a network?

  • Sean

    Is this ad gov network compatible with IPods and IPhones ?

    • amida168

      Yes, you can connect your iPhones or any other WIFI devices to the ad hoc network.

  • Den

    i create ad hoc but there is no network connection to other Pc

  • kkrg

    Trying to connect my iphone to the adhoc network bt nt being able to. it says unable to connect..what should i do?

    • amida168

      Can other device connect to the ad hoc network you created?

  • Julius

    My phone cannot detect the ad hoc network ? my wifi is on al my phone ? i tried remaking it but no luck!

  • why my phone cannot connect to ad hoc/ even though it can read the ad hoc

    • amida168

      It could be the security type. I found that WEP is better.

  • prakas

    use this simple tool to create wifi adhoc networks in windows 8……

  • Dont

    when i click Creat ad hoc… there’s this thing that pops out that says ” unexpected error occured” what to do?

  • yameen

    create ad hock at open donot choose shared or wep encrypt disable you can acces net without pasword only and any mobile or pc can be connected thankyou

  • After cret a adhoc network 1 error see me .that one is window can not creat this network