How I Got a Playstation 3 for under $200

I have been eying PS3 for quite some time. However, $399 is kinda steep for me. Over the holiday season, I saw a deal that’s just too good to miss. Actually, it’s not just one deal, there are two deals combined to bring the total cost down.

The first one is the credit card deal from Sony Rewards. The card is a Playstation Card. At that time, there several offers. One offer gives you $150 credit instantly when you purchase a PS3 directly from Sony. I didn’t take that offer, because Sony sells PS3 for $399 and they also charge shipping. Therefore, the final cost for a PS3 is about $290. It’s a good deal without much hassles, but it’s not good for me.

The offer I got is a $150 rebate, and you can buy the PS3 from any authorized dealers even at discounted price. This offer requires you to fill out a rebate form and wait for a few weeks. There are more works involved, but you get a much better deal in the end.

The second deal is from There was a package deal with Dark Knight Blu-Ray Disc and Resistance 2 Collector Edition. The total cost is $399. The PS3 part is $323. My final cost for the PS3 is $323-$150 = $173!

So, can you still get that kind of deals now? Maybe, if you are patient. Sony Rewards do not have the $150 credit right now, but they had the same deals several times before. The other place to look for the $150 credit is Sony Style. I monitored those two sites for a few weeks before I saw the deal again.

As for the Playstation 3, Amazon doesn’t seem to have a good deal recently. However, Dell Home and Home Office does have it on sale quite often. If you are interested in the deal, click on the link . At the check out, enter the following code: Z0WPL1J0CC3W47 to save 20%. The offer ends on 3/26/2009.

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  1. Not to be an a-hole but can you help me out. ive been looking to get a ps3 for at least a month and whenever i get close to something good it slips away. i tried going on to the sony official site and i couldnt get my hands on that rebate form or the credit card offer.

    • Your best bet is checking the deals sites like or and look for any credit card offers. I saw one offer not long ago for $200 credit which is better. Good luck.

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