Local Printer not Forwarded in a Remote Desktop Session

When you use remote desktop to connect to a remote computer, you can also make your local printers available in the remote desktop session. It’s a convenient feature that you can still use your local printers, because the remote computer’s printers are probably not very useful unless they are not that far away.

A user noticed that this feature didn’t work for his OKI C5500 printer. At first, I thought it’s related to this documented problem about USB printers. I followed the instructions to create the registry key, but it’s a no go. The local printer still not forwarded. I also

Browsing through the suggestions I dug up, I found that the problem might be that the remote computer doesn’t have the required driver for the printer, therefore the printer forwarding doesn’t work. After I installed the OKI C5500 driver on the remote computer and re-connected to it through remote desktop connection and it worked.

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