Flash Player Silent Installation

As an adminstrator, finding ways to install software silently is very important. I have not included Flash player as part of my installation script until yesterday. To install the version 10 silently, use the following command:


install_flash_player_ax.exe /silent


install_flash_player.exe /silent

You have to close IE and FireFox first before you use these commands. Here are the links to download the Flash player for IE and Flash player for FireFox.

[Update:] These commands do not work for the 10.1 version. Please see this new post for the commands and download location.

  • John King

    Hi, will this same instruction work on a 64-bit OS? Will it make sure to install on the 32-bit browser even on a 64-bit OS (since adobe doesn’t support a 64-bit browser).

    • amida168

      Yes, it works on 64bit OS.

  • IronOutsider

    These instructions do not work. It will not install flash player 10.

    • amida168

      Did you follow the links for the installer of flash player 10? It works for me.

  • Woodpecker

    We deploy fp10-plugins with these exes but now with the new vulnerabilities I want to try out the 10.1 prerelease which may still be buggy but not affected – and ouch, these switches (I tried others as well) ceased to work 🙁

    Any clues?

    • amida168

      You can try to type

      install_flash_player.exe /?

      and see what options it has.

      • Toke

        /? switch isn’t recognized either though.

        Try /install

  • navibd

    where should I use these commands ?
    I want to publish a flash site, and i want to install flash from my website directly..
    where should I use /S or other commands ?
    I dont know what to do :((
    help me plz

    • LT

      —> install_flash_player_ax.exe /install <—

      • usausa

        Great! thanks.

  • you saved me a lot of time. thanks.

    .exe /install


  • jabi


    .exe /install

    It works fine in last version 10.1


  • robert

    Flash player 10 changed the options from /silent to /install. Check out this link. It explains the whole thing and some other options that will help administrators. http://easythings.org/easy-things-adobe-flash-player-10-install-and-auto-updates
    This link help me out a lot.

  • kevin

    guys can you plese guide me how will we use this command

    • amida168

      Use a text editor to create a batch file (installflash.bat). Copy and paste this command in the file. Save the batch file and put it in the same directory with the flash player installer. Run the batch file as an administrator to install it.