How to Unlock Navigon 2100 Release 4.2.1

My original package was designed for Navigon 2100 US model. A lot of people have adapted the package to be used on other Navigon models. There are some reports about my release 4.2 causing some GPSs other than Navigon 2100 to reboot continuously.

The cause for this problem is that my script reboots (resets) the GPS after successfully unlocking. The problem is some GPSs’ registry got wiped out clean after each reboot. Therefore, the next time system boots up, the script thinks the unit is not unlocked and does the unlocking again and reboot.

To fix the problem, I have changed the script so it won’t reboot again. I also made some modification for the taskbar to show up correctly. Two packages have been made for this release. The first one is the whole package which is for people who have not downloaded my release 4.2 before. The instructions are the same as the release 4.2. Here is the link to the zip file.

The second package is for people who have download the release 4.2. The second package has only two script files: autorunce.mscr and StartBtn.mscr. Please replace these two files in your old downloaded package. By default, autorunce.mscr goes to the root of the SD card and StartBtn.mscr goes to the Script folder on the SD card. Here is the link to the zip file.

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