Turn your Keyboard into a Multimedia Keyboard using KeyTweak

Not long ago, I inherited a nice Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse. The built quality is good and it also has nice multimedia keys for controlling media and volume. As much as I like it, I got tired of changing the batteries. Later, I just switched to my regular, plain Dell keyboard.

After the switch, I really missed the multimedia keys on the Logitech keyboard, especially the volume keys. The function keys are rarely used, I thought it might be nice if I can remap the function keys to volume controls. I tried quite a few key mappers and I found KeyTweak that fits my need. Here is the download site.

The program is compatible with Window NT through Windows 7. To remap a key, just click on a key and choose the new mapping. And then click on Remap Key. When you are done, reboot the machine and you can start using the new mapped keys.


The keys F6(117), F7(118) and F8(119) are seldom used, so I mapped them to Mute, Volume Down and Volume Up.  This works out quite well. Do you use other key mapping software? Please tell us what you like.

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