Alps Touchpad Driver for Windows 7

A lot of my readers have tried to use the Synaptics driver on their Dell laptops when they found my post about it. However, some Dell laptops do not have touchpads made by Synaptics. They have Alps touchpads. If you are not sure about what kind of touchpad you have, please see this post about identifying the correct model.

When I helped my user to upgrade his Inspiron 1420 to Windows 7, I used the driver for Vista. Here is the link to the download. This driver is for 32bit only. If this does not work for you, you can also try the driver for Windows 7. Here is the link. The second link provides both 32bit and 64bit drivers.

  • Ana

    I just installed the touchpad driver…I tried installing both actually, and neither works:| I can use the mouse, but sometimes the touchpad is handy too…how can I fix it?

    • amida168

      You need to find the correct driver. Maybe the touchpad is not made by Alps.

  • Daddoh

    Hey Kombitz. Thanks. I just pushed my Dell Inspiron 1525 which is running Windows 7 up to the Alps drivers you linked to. It’s working whereas the dell recommended drivers (for vista) failed to install with 7. Thanks!!!

  • Julia

    hello! i have recently installed Win 7 on my Dell Vosto 1015 and since then my touchpad scroll isn t working. i have downloaded several times the driver you recomanded, but it still dosn t work. before Win 7 i had XP and it worked, but now…….i really wanna fix this problem because is driving my crazy. a little bit of help, pls?!!!
    p.s. the driver needs to be only downloaded, right?! cuz if i want to open/run the downloded file, it says that “the file is empty”:|

    • amida168

      You have to run the download file to install the driver. If it says the file is empty, that means the download was not successful. You need to download the file again.

  • The second one works for me! Thanks a lot. Dell Inspiron 9300 with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit

  • A D B

    Go to Dell site for Vostro 1015 notebook and download Alps touchpad driver

  • MJimM

    I know this is hard to find so I have uploaded a copy of the Win 7 ALPS touchpad driver. It is here

    I wasn’t sure where else I could upload it to. If you guys know of a suitable site then let me know and I’ll add it

  • Yasi


    I have windows 7 home basic and the 3D Video controller is very hard to install… 🙁

    ALso, my synaptics is not giving me an option like virtual scrolling and others. 🙁

    what should i do?

  • amida168

    Visit this site to download the Synaptics driver.

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