Sony Introduces PS3 Motion Controller – Move

On March 10, Sony officially announced the PlayStation Move controller, which is the finished version of its PS3 motion controller. Similar to that of the Nintendo Wii controller, a camera is used to detect its movement from the position of an orb located at the top of the controller. Also, it has a sub-controller with a directional pad that can be used for menus or games that need that, along with motion, at the same time. However, the system is claimed to be much more accurate than Nintendo’s game system; Move can recognize the exact angle, position, and speed of the controller’s movements.

Both multi-player and single-player games compatible with these controllers are currently under development.

For the avid PS3 hardcore gamers out there, Sony is expected to ship the Move out this fall, along with multiple packages for different types of gamers. Among these is a Starter Kit that bundles the camera and a game, which is expected to cost below $100.

This new form of gaming is sure to be one awaited by game-aficionados with bated breath; with this new Wii-like addition, the PS3 experience is likely to be better than ever.

[via Electronista]

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