How to Add Windows XP to Windows 7 Boot Manager Using EasyBCD

I have a post about how to add Windows XP to Windows 7 boot manager manually. However, the post requires you to use the command line utility, bcdedit, which most people are not familiar with. Incorrect use of bcdedit could also render your system not being able to boot up properly.

I found an excellent utility called EasyBCD which is easier to use. It also can handle a lot of different situations. Follow these steps to add Windows XP to the Windows 7 boot manager:

  1. Download Easy BCD from this site and install it.
  2. Right click on the Easy BCD icon and run it as administrator.
  3. Click on Add New Entry .
  4. Select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 as Type and make sure Automatically detect correct drive is selected.
  5. Click on Add Entry to add Windows XP to the boot manager.

That’s it. Next time you boot the machine up, you should be able to see the Windows XP entry.

  • sreekanth OP

    Hey man great!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked for me…..

  • Akshay Nigam

    heyy….can i get a full version download Link for this tool.?? {without any charges}

  • compacka

    thankyou very much for this, helped me and a friend out very much.
    muchos gracios.