Boot to Mac OS from Windows on a Dual Boot Mac

I set up a dual boot MacMini to be used with a projector in our conference room. There was a compatibility problem with this combination. Users could not hold down the option key during system bootup and select which OS to boot to. They could only change the default OS after the computer booted up completely to the current OS. This brought up a new problem. In order to change the default OS, you need to run Boot Camp utility with elevated privilege. However, we do not give regular users admin privilege; therefore, they could not change the default OS for the dual boot MacMini.

I found an Apple article about restarting into Mac OS using command line. Fortunately, you do not need to run the commands with an elevated privilege. There is a typo in the original script. I have corrected it and added a dialog box to warn the users before the computer reboots. Here is a listing of the script:

@echo off
Echo MsgBox "Please save all files and click on OK to continue.", 48 > %temp%\warning.vbs
wscript %temp%\warning.vbs
"c:\Program Files\Boot Camp\bootcamp.exe" -StartupDisk "Mac OS"
Shutdown -r -t 10

You can put this script in the Public desktop so that everyone can access it. If you want to make it fancier, you can use a program called Bat to Exe Converter to turn your script to a program. Now every user can click on the Boot to Mac icon on the desktop to boot to Mac OS from Windows.

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