Slow iPad/iPhone Wifi Connection with a DD-WRT Wireless Router

I just replaced my old wireless router with a DD-WRT compatible router TP-Link TL-WR740N. The firmware has been reflashed to the latest DD-WRT version. After the switch, all my computers and wifi devices worked fine except iPhone and iPad. The wifi connection was intermittent on my iOS devices. When I tried the SpeedTest app, the performance was really bad. Sometimes the test failed completely.

I have tried a lot of different solutions that I could find on the internet. Here is a list of stuff I tried.

  • Changed the wifi settings on the iOS devices to use public DNS like Google’s or
  • Reset the network settings on the iOS devices.
  • Tried different versions of DD-WRT on my router.
  • Changed the router settings to disable QoS or WMM.
  • Changed the router settings to use only 802.11g.

None of the above fixed the slow connection problem. I finally found an article about Netflix on iOS (iPad, iPhone) problem with DD-WRT’s dnsmasq. My problem was more serious, because the wifi connection was so bad and it’s not usable. I disabled dnsmasq on my router and rebooted it. My iOS devices could connect to my router once again without any problems! I have used the new settings for over a week now and I have never experienced slow wifi connection on my iOS devices again.

You can find the settings under Setup -> Basic Setup. Make sure Use DNSMasq for DHCP and Use DNSMasq for DNS are not checked.

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  1. unbelievable..
    my iphone / ipas has been very slow in wifi for quite sometimes, sometimes i even have to switch off my wifi so that i can use my telco network to surf.
    I just googled and within a minute, i found your post.
    I disabled both of it, and now my videos are loading smoothly..

    iphone 5 4s ipad 3 2 1

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