Navigon 2100 (Mobile Navigator 6) Skins

My Navigon 2100 comes with Mobile Navigator 6 preinstalled. Like MioMap 3.3, you can change the skin of it. The file is in MN6 directory and it’s called MN6ResourcesBinary.res . There is an active thread discussing the skin for Navigon 2100 on If you have time, you can read through the 100+ pages of discussion. There is another thread dedicated to just the finished skins. This is where I got the skins for my package. You can download more skins from this thread.

I modified a script that does skin switching for MioMap 3.3 to work with Mobile Navigator 6. Therefore, you can switch the skin from within Navigon 2100. You can find the script in my Navigon unlock package. The script is called tweaks.mscr in the Script directory on the storage card. If you want to add more skins, just create a separate directory for each skin under Skins directory and put the MN6ResourcesBinary.res file in that directory.

Here are the screenshots of the skins I included in release 4.2.

350Z by BLUE

Mini Cooper by josephgullett

L0st3 by L0stS0ul

Superman by cajnape

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  1. Hi Thanks for you great solution , I installed the zip in a brand new navidon 2100max , i buy it in USA , I will like to know if there is a way to change the screen size to the max 4.3 size

    thanks in advance

  2. I believe it’s possible to change the screen size, but it might not be easy. You can download the resource editor and try it.

    • I am not familiar with trucking software. PC Miller might be what you are looking for. However, the reviews are not that great.

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