PCMark05 Hangs at Splash Screen

PCMark05 is my favorite benchmark program for PC performance. I never had a problem running it. I tried to run it on my newly built Core i7 machine under XP, it hangs at splash screen. I had to use task manager to kill the process. I thought it doesn’t like my 4.5 TB RAID under XP, so I did not try to fix it. XP is not going to be the main OS for the machine, so I went ahead and install Windows 7 Beta.

After the installation of Windows 7 Beta, I tried to run PCMark05 again and to my surprise, same problem. I then got serious about the problem. A thread in AnandTech mentions a patch for it. The link in the original thread is invalid though.

I finally found a patch on Futuremark’s download site, which fixes my problem. I tested the patch and it works under XP and Window 7 Beta. Just in case the link might be broken in the future. The name of the patch is Futuremark_SystemInfo_Hotfix_Feb08_installer.exe and the title is Hotfix for 3DMark®06/05/03 and PCMark®05.

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