Adobe Creative Suite 4 Installation Problem

When I install an application, I often copy the files from the media to a network location and install from that location. I ran into a problem when I install Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium.

The suite comes with 2 DVDs. I copied both discs to the server, the paths are like \\myserver\CS4\disc1 and \\myserver\CS4\disc2. When I started the installer from disc1, it ran without initial problem. However, it prompted me to insert disc 2 into “\\myserver\CS4\disc1” toward the end. Since the path is not an actual DVD drive, I could not switch disc and the installation had to abort.

The solution is to merge the contents of the two discs. You cannot just drag and drop the directory to merge the two directories. I used robocopy.exe to do this. The command is like

robocopy "d:\CS4\disc2\Adobe CS4" "d:\CS4\disc1\Adobe CS4" /e /nfl /ndl

After the contents were merged onto the Adobe CS4 folder of disc1, I could just run the installer to install CS4 without the switching disc message.

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