XCSoar for PNA


License: Freeware

Link: Original site

One user has requested this application. It a tactical glide computer for the Pocket PC operating system. The original program is available as a cab file which can be installed on a regular PDA running PocketPC operating system. The installation on PNA like Navigon 2100 GPS is not straight forward. I just made this program to run on my Navigon 2100. The version I use is XCSoarPPC2003.ARMV4.5.2.4.cab . When I ran it on my Navigon 2100, it recognized the GPS port automatically and retrieved the coordinates. I am not sure how to use and configure the program. I only know its configuration directory is on /My Documents/XCSoarData/ . This directory is erased every time you hard reboot the GPS, so it has to be changed. If you know how to change it. Please tell us in the comments section.

To use it, just download the file and unzip it to your SD card. I have included all the necessary files for it. You should be able to run it using FileManagerCE on the desktop or use MyApps to add a shortcut, if you use my unlock package. The recommended location for the directory is Script/programs/XCSoar on the SD card.

I am making this download free to everyone, but please do not re-distribute the files. Just tell your friends to visit this post for download location. Here is the link to the download.

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  1. forgive me for being such a computer illiterate. I deleted the original unlock program from my micro sd card that comes with the navigon 4310.
    So it starts of with unlocking with the program :https://www.kombitz.com/2008/10/20/how-to-unlock-navigon-2100-release-42/
    then unzip it and rename -autorunce.exe- to – updateme.exe- and -autorunce.mscr- to -updateme.mscr-
    That worked, just put the micro card back in and all your programs popped up. When the micro card was taken out is was a car navigator again.
    But now I have to add the above mentioned program to the micro card and it works straight away? With using the terrain navigator as well?http://xcsoar.dd.com.au/cgi-bin/terrain.pl/

    I will keep trying.

    Thanks for the great work so far.

  2. Hi Amida,
    Is there a way you can completely automate this system? This guy http://www.bware.it/xcsoar/ is making a new xcsoar system ( he broke with the original group) that not only aims at glider pilots, but also at para- and hangglider pilots. There are several 100.000 pilots in the world that will need a system like his,or the standard xcsoar, for a better glide computer that shows airspace as well. This is needed since there is more airspace then before , and now comps are penalizing pilots.
    For a lot of people it would be great if you can just download one file and it works.

    • I think it’s quite possible to automate the system, but probably not by me. What I did is to get you started. You can take it to a user forum and ask people’s input about how to customize it.

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