Thunderbird New Messages Notification on Shared Folders

I use Thunderbird for my work emails. It works pretty well except there is one thing that troubles me for a long time. I have several IMAP shared folder on my account. Thunderbird does not check the new messages on these folders. I had to manually click on these folders to check. This is very inconvenient and I have missed some time sensitive emails because I forgot to check them.

I decided to find a solution this morning. To my surprise, the solution is simple and no plugin is required. My problem is due to my ignorance of the features that Thunderbird supports. By default, Thunderbird doesn’t automatically check for new messages on the folders, you have to configure it by yourself. Right click on a folder of your choice and select Properties. Make sure the box Check this folder for new messages is checked.

Click on OK to close the dialog. Afterward, Thunderbird checks the folder for new messages without manual intervention.

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