New iPhone Coming This Summer

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently developing a new iPhone to debut this summer, along with a new model for Verizon Wireless. No further details have been given on this yet, but this piece of news isn’t shocking: this summer will mark the one-year anniversary of the iPhone 3GS. There have also been plenty of rumors about the phones switching from AT&T to Verizon over the years, with the latest of them coming up just before the iPad’s release.


1: The next iPhone’s manufacturing is being contracted by Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, the same outfit responsible for crafting all previous iPhones. The world’s first CDMA iPhone will be manufactured by Pegatron Technology. If all goes well, they could begin mass production of this iPhone in September.

2: The next generation of the iPhone will be coming out on Tuesday, June 22nd, known as the iPhone HD.

3: According to John Gruber, the next model will likely have an A4-class SoC processor, a 960 by 640 display, a front-facing camera, and the iPhone OS 4.0 will enable third-party multitasking.

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