How to Search the Internet Using an Image

Most people know how to type in keywords on to search the information they need. What if you only had an image file, and you wanted to find out more about the subject in the image? For instance, say someone sends you a photo of an exotic car. You find it interesting, and you want to find out more about the car. However, there is no description of it. What can you do?

A reverse image search engine was created for the purpose. The site is called . You can upload an image to the site or use a link to an image on the web to conduct the search. Within seconds, you can find out where the image is from and how it is being used. From the links returned by the site, you can find out more about the subjects of the image. TinEye also provides plugins for FireFox and Chrome, so you can perform the search by right clicking on an image.

Here is the official video about TinEye.

Give it a try; you might find it an invaluable tool.

Can you tell me what model of the exotic car is shown above? If you use TinEye correctly, you will  know that it is a Mitsuoka Orochi.

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